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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ceiling: Round 1

Today, I painted on the first coat for each panel. The first two panels I painted light be specific "Martha Stewarts: Sparkling Brook" and the last panel I painted dark blue "Martha Stewarts: Azurite". I got 1 quart each in Behr's Premium Low Odor No VOC Interior Flat paint.  Here are some pics of the ceiling's first coat finished.

After I finished painting, I attacked the kitchen and slide walls with Goo Gone. Once we purchased the rv and got it parked, pretty much the first thing I did was rip the ugly border off the walls. They had been sticky until today. The goo came right off.

Also, I finished cleaning the slide, kitchen and my bedroom windows, the blinds and I figured out how to remove the filter from the kitchen A/C unit to clean out and put back.

It was only a 7 hour day today. I'm pooped and ready for bed!

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