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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blessed Ostara!

Yesterday, I was able to hang my Moroccan lamps & the curtain rod for the curtains separating the dining room/kitchen from our room. Lol, from the pic below, you can easily see how our RV currently isn't level.  My lamps are hanging to the right, haha!

While I was there, I also took the measurements for the curtain Sari's I'll be hanging on our bedroom walls. This way, our walls will be extra insulated, & I won't have to look at the ugly grey color scheme that is factory stock. Until DH finally agrees to let me paint our bedroom, this is the next best thing...maybe even better.

After I got the girls to bed, I stayed up till 2am sewing all the curtains.

I hope you all have a fabulous first day of Spring!!! The weather is warming up, and that will definitely be helpful with getting the RV ready! Blessed Ostara!


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