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Friday, March 15, 2013


This week, it has been really hard to post. We spent the whole day Tuesday rebuilding our "Master bedroom". DH and his buddy Pip rebuilt the original full-size bed frame to accommodate the, not me, our bed.

They installed the headboard I removed on Monday, to the foot of our bed. Since the original bed size was a full, they had to extend the support wood to the width of a queen.  This way, it wouldn't hang off the side anymore. It ended up lining up perfect & looks original from the factory. They really are professionals who know their woodworking.

Under our bed, they built on to reinforce it. While reinforcing it, we decided that it would be a good idea to "wall off" the storage under there. Three quarters of the storage is only accessible from inside our rv. The other quarter is still under the bed, however, it is only accessible from the storage door outside. That will be for the yucky & dirty stuff, like the hoses, electrical cords, etc. The rest will be for the 3 totes storing our seasonal clothing & holiday decor.

After they framed out the new storage compartment, they built the wood top, that holds our mattress, to actually be the same width. That also was awesome!

Once finished with the bed frame, they cut the cabinets down to one less. These were the cabinets that originally were attached above our slide. Now, with just 3 cabinets, they fit nicely under the edge of our bed. There's about a 3 1/2" tall by 62" long by 9" deep gap that is between the mattress and them. I'm still trying to find something to utilize that space...I'm sure I will manage to find something that can stow there perfectly. There's more overlap from the mattress than I originally anticipated, so I won't be making a cushion for seating. There's really no ledge to sit on, but that's cool.

I especially like how DH cut the door frame to be able to inlay the cabinets. The frame is still in tact, but it looks like the cabinets were built in before the trim was placed. He even caulked where the cabinets and door frame meet. It looks great!

The bed and cabinets turned out fantastic. I'm really impressed with their skills.

Yesterday, although we didn't have a visual representation of the outcome, we got a lot accomplished in the girls' room! First thing in the morning, we took an hour to window shop at Home Depot. We looked at carpet samples (I want green semi-shag to represent "grass"), paint swatches (light & dark blue to fade a sky on walls & ceiling),  wooden trim with leaves etched in it, crown molding, new insulation (we ended up not needing to upgrade that) & new paneling (didn't need that either). We also looked at hardwood floor samples for the slide.

After we priced stuff, we headed to the RV to start work on their room. We ripped off all their trim, removed their walls, and placed aside the insulation. We wanted to upgrade it, but it was already the R-13 that we were going to install, and it was in good condition still, so it wasn't necessary. However, we realized we had tons of dead bugs in our walls, so they were getting in somehow. If bugs can get in, so can air. We found all the holes and spaces & filled them with spray foam sealant. That room is now a 4-season. Nothing is getting in, unless it is invited!


There was a lot of fiberglass in the air. We were all wearing masks, but even with that on, it was still too much for me to handle. Luckily, it was time for me to go pick up our eldest daughter from her 1 day a week homeschool school.

After everything was sealed, they put the insulation back in & the walls went back up. It was a job well done & well worth the effort. I spackled the holes & now I have the green light to paint! I can't wait!

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