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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ceiling: Round 1

Today, I painted on the first coat for each panel. The first two panels I painted light be specific "Martha Stewarts: Sparkling Brook" and the last panel I painted dark blue "Martha Stewarts: Azurite". I got 1 quart each in Behr's Premium Low Odor No VOC Interior Flat paint.  Here are some pics of the ceiling's first coat finished.

After I finished painting, I attacked the kitchen and slide walls with Goo Gone. Once we purchased the rv and got it parked, pretty much the first thing I did was rip the ugly border off the walls. They had been sticky until today. The goo came right off.

Also, I finished cleaning the slide, kitchen and my bedroom windows, the blinds and I figured out how to remove the filter from the kitchen A/C unit to clean out and put back.

It was only a 7 hour day today. I'm pooped and ready for bed!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fairy Forest Themed Bedroom

So, after discussing & drawing up a few different plans for their room, my daughter wants me to decorate their room pretty much the way it used to be. She wants a fairy forest theme, with a few added changes. This time, she would like me to paint a dark blue ceiling, then sponge over it with a dark purple. I think she wants kind of a mystical look to it. Then, of course, she wants me to put up tons of the glow-in-the-dark stars on it. I agreed, as long as I can paint the walls a very faint whitish-blue.

She also wants green carpet to give the floor a somewhat grassy look. We're still trying to decide if we should go with a light or dark green? Each has its pros and cons. Dark won't show the inevitable stains, but it'll probably make the room look smaller since the ceiling will be dark. Light will keep the room looking bigger, yet every stain will show up clear as day. Maybe we can find the actual green color of grass...a shade right in the middle?

On the wall, we will put her tree back up. There is a pic of the tree I made her on my other blog.

My husband picked the trim out that will go back up on the walls, floor, ceiling & door frame. It will be stained a medium-dark brown, & it has leaves in a vine etched into it that add such gorgeous detail. I will stain the desk and bunk bed the same color so it is all uniform.

After that is all said and done, I will hang up white Christmas lights around the ceiling perimeter & fake flower & ivy vines over those. Some strands i'll have hanging down. Those will probably be in the corners of the room.

Yesterday, I took her to Home Depot to pick out paint & carpet samples, but we need to go back and hunt out a more perfect green this time. Wish us luck!

Here is a pic of the drawing I did for her. Don't laugh. The artistic gene hit my cousin, but missed me by a long shot!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paint Prepping & Priming

Yesterday, I headed to the RV to begin the process of prepping the walls to be painted. It sucked, lemme tell ya. But, it had to be done. Apparently, the walls are not wallpapered, like I originally had thought. It is, in fact, vinyl adhered to luan board at the factory. It is not something that you can just peel off. Oooh no. There is an actual process that you have to  follow, step-by-step, or you will ruin your walls. Intimidating as it is, I have a great vision for our girls' room, and it doesn't involve garish, vinyl-adhered luan board.

You must begin the process by washing down the walls (& ceiling if you're painting that, too) & drying them off. This is especially important, to remove any grease or oil build-up. Then, you must thoroughly sand them down with fine grit sandpaper. I used 150-grit. Pip lent me his powered hand sander to cut me a little slack. It was still incredibly back -breaking, arm-vibrating work, but I can only imagine how hard it'd be to do it all by hand. My husband is probably laughing at my weakness to sanding right now. He used to install hardwood floors for a living & that meant tons of the sanding I did today...only harder...& he rarely complained.

Anyways, I digress. After everything is sanded, you must then wipe down everything with a "tack towel". That's just a fancy name for any towel that is damp, apparently. This step is crucial...and tricky. The key here is to always move in a fluid back and forth direction, never going over the same spot twice. You CANNOT back-track. Otherwise, you'll just end up smearing the sanding dust to other spots, never actually removing it. Also, I suggest getting a new rag, with fresh water on it, everytime you lift it to move to a new section. That, or you go rinse it out in the sink after everytime you lift it. I just cut up an old towel into several rags. I used one rag per panel, never lifting it until that panel was wiped in entirety. I had to wipe down each panel two, sometimes three times. The three ceiling panels had to be wiped down 4 times each. The sanding & wiping down of the ceiling was always hardest, cuz my arms were above my head for such long lengths of time.

Every two hours of work, I had to take a 5-minute yoga break. It was the only way I could keep up my endurance. I gotta say, it certainly did the trick, cuz after every yoga break I took, I was a new woman.

Last, but not least, the windows, light fixtures, switches & a/c unit had to all be taped off. Though that was tedious work, it certainly wasn't difficult. After a 10-hour day, I called it quits.

My girls and I went home to try out our new sleeping arrangements. Sunday, I spent the entire day moving them and all their stuff from their room to mine. Then, I moved all our "to be moved" stuff into their room. One side is lined with boxes & totes destined for our storage unit. The other side is lined with stuff intended for the RV. In the middle of the room, is my eldest daughter's bunkbed, meant for my friend's daughter. Now, everything is separated, ready to be hauled out easily on moving day (whenever that is), & no longer posing a lethal threat to any climbing toddlers.

Our bedroom is so funny now. It consists of a line of beds on the floor, and toys everywhere. It worked though. The girls passed out instantly, leaving me a few minutes to take a much deserved hot shower.


Today, I finally got to paint. I should mention here, that apparently, you CANNOT use any other type of primer than Oil-Based. I don't know what happens if you don't use oil-based, but evidentally, it isn't good. All the research I did, on painting rv walls, turned out Oil-Based. I have found that it doesn't matter what type of paint you use after you prime with that. For the record, I used Kilz Oil-Based primer for the walls AND ceiling.

I started with trim painting the ceiling. Don't forget to stir the paint before you start.

Then, I painted the whole ceiling. That was uncomfortable, yet fast and easy.

Once the ceiling was finished, I finished the rest of the trim paint.


Once that was done, I called my oldest daughter out to help me paint the walls. It was a lotta fun for us. I think she enjoyed it the most. It took about an hour, then we ran out of paint after using up our 3rd quart. I had to send my mom to Wal*Mart to get one more quart. I should note, that Wal*Mart didn't have a gallon of the paint available that I needed...that's why I ended up buying 4 quarts. Once she returned, after 15 more minutes of painting, the room was finished. Well, the priming was finished at least. Now, we have to convene to discuss and pick the ACTUAL colors of the room.

Thank you to Pip for your help and advice with the painting process. (He's a professional painter, along with professional hardwood floor installer. He's a very handy guy to have around to obtain knowledge from!) I am incredibly thankful for everything you've done for us so far!

I also just wanted to give a "Shout Out!" to my Mom. Without her help and support I would've been, and would still be, lost. Thank you Mom. I love you very much! You're the best!

To my Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law, thank you you guys for watching our girls so we can do all of this! Thank you also for letting us park it in your driveway while we wait to purchase the truck to tow it somewhere else. You two have unending patience with my Husband and I. You two are Saints and we love you very much!!!

To my awesome, incredibly trusting Husband...thank you for not freaking out on me when this bedroom didn't go according to plan. I know I was supposed to just start with one wall panel...but I had faith that it would all turn out ok, and that's why I went ahead and just did the whole room. And look! It turned out perfect! (I was right.)  ;)  Everything will go smoothly from here, since there's no sign of the walls disagreeing with being painted.

I love you darling.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boho Bedroom Decor

Ostara turned out to be a pretty productive day for me. I was able to do the decorations in our bedroom. The curtains I sewed last night were the first to go up...after those 2 were hung, I put up the Christmas lights. I should've done that first, but it was fine. Luckily, there's an outlet right there to plug them in.

After the orange curtains, to the left of our over head cabinets, were hung, and the lights were all up, I hung the one eggplant curtain. The eggplant curtain is actually sideways on the wall. I was really opposed to altering it in any way, so I'm glad it worked out this way instead.

Just for fun, I had leftover red sari material last night that I hemmed for no reason. As it turns out, I was able to utilize it as a valance of sorts. Yay.

Once the "valance" went up, I finally put up my beaded trim that I've been holding on to for over a month now. The suspense was killing me, but patience persevered, and I think it turned out awesome!

I just think this trim is incredibly dreamy! It adds a nice subtle boho touch to the bedroom decor.

Here's the other curtains I worked on last night. They were originally in my living room. They are gold (the other side). I ended up sewing my red sari's to the backs of them. This way, if you're in the dining room when they're drawn, all you'll see is gold. If you're in my bed when they're drawn, you'll see this...

Here's the gold side (looking at our bedroom from the hallway):

Just for fun, here they are tied open with the red backs purposely showing...normally, even if they're tied open, I'll probably not show the red. Who knows though? Maybe I will?

As you can see, I also hung another orange sari after the eggplant curtain, I actually hung one more to the right of that orange one as well. Apparently, I forgot to photograph it.

When I was done screwing around with the red/gold curtains, I hung my window tapestry. I'm not sold on it staying over that window. I just couldn't think of a better place to put it. I still want to make real curtains (insulating/room-darkening) for that window...especially because it is right over our heads. However, in the meantime, it will do just fine.

I hung my sheer purple Runic tapestry as our headboard. It's pretty. I'm not sure it'll stay there either...I might need to add more material behind it for more insulation. For now though, it'll do.

After that was done, my Mother-in-law came out and told me my Moroccan lamps were missing something. I found the gold chain they originally hung from in my apartment bedroom and draped them from one to the next and back (two times). The gold chain against the eggplant curtain was quite striking and seemed to offer the finishing touch. I forgot to photograph that too, sorry.

After I was finished in our bedroom, I moved on to the girls' room. I disassembled the second bunk bed and got it out of the rv. I saved the parts though. We're going to make it fancier. It is in dire need of some good sanding and staining. I wanna go ebony for the stain. DH is also going to round edges, I think, and build on permanent side rails.

Last but not least, I put up one long shelf. It's the "Homeschooling" shelf, because it's the one I put all of my eldest daughter's bins on. Her bins are full of supplies that I really prefer neither child touch without permission. Outta sight, outta mind...usually. It should do nicely. Of course, I put it up, just to see where the holes should go. This way, I can take it down, paint the walls, and put it right back up without screwing up my freshly painted walls. Yay.

My goal is to commence the painting this weekend, but we'll see. I hear it's supposed to start snowing Saturday, and I really don't wanna deal with that. I have to tape walls, sand, wet-wipe down the wall, prime, THEN, I can paint. And, all of that, ONLY, after I have tried the aforementioned process on just one panel. My darling husband thinks I'm gonna mess up the walls, so he wants me to do a test run first on just the one. It's not a bad idea, after all, he is a wise, wise man.

On that note, I'm gonna go to bed. It was a long day and I am exhausted. Goodnight everybody!

P.S. Our bedroom looks REALLY cool at night. The Christmas lights behind the curtains give off a really subtle, ambient glow. That was exactly what I was aiming to achieve. I'm thrilled!

Blessed Ostara!

Yesterday, I was able to hang my Moroccan lamps & the curtain rod for the curtains separating the dining room/kitchen from our room. Lol, from the pic below, you can easily see how our RV currently isn't level.  My lamps are hanging to the right, haha!

While I was there, I also took the measurements for the curtain Sari's I'll be hanging on our bedroom walls. This way, our walls will be extra insulated, & I won't have to look at the ugly grey color scheme that is factory stock. Until DH finally agrees to let me paint our bedroom, this is the next best thing...maybe even better.

After I got the girls to bed, I stayed up till 2am sewing all the curtains.

I hope you all have a fabulous first day of Spring!!! The weather is warming up, and that will definitely be helpful with getting the RV ready! Blessed Ostara!


Friday, March 15, 2013


This week, it has been really hard to post. We spent the whole day Tuesday rebuilding our "Master bedroom". DH and his buddy Pip rebuilt the original full-size bed frame to accommodate the, not me, our bed.

They installed the headboard I removed on Monday, to the foot of our bed. Since the original bed size was a full, they had to extend the support wood to the width of a queen.  This way, it wouldn't hang off the side anymore. It ended up lining up perfect & looks original from the factory. They really are professionals who know their woodworking.

Under our bed, they built on to reinforce it. While reinforcing it, we decided that it would be a good idea to "wall off" the storage under there. Three quarters of the storage is only accessible from inside our rv. The other quarter is still under the bed, however, it is only accessible from the storage door outside. That will be for the yucky & dirty stuff, like the hoses, electrical cords, etc. The rest will be for the 3 totes storing our seasonal clothing & holiday decor.

After they framed out the new storage compartment, they built the wood top, that holds our mattress, to actually be the same width. That also was awesome!

Once finished with the bed frame, they cut the cabinets down to one less. These were the cabinets that originally were attached above our slide. Now, with just 3 cabinets, they fit nicely under the edge of our bed. There's about a 3 1/2" tall by 62" long by 9" deep gap that is between the mattress and them. I'm still trying to find something to utilize that space...I'm sure I will manage to find something that can stow there perfectly. There's more overlap from the mattress than I originally anticipated, so I won't be making a cushion for seating. There's really no ledge to sit on, but that's cool.

I especially like how DH cut the door frame to be able to inlay the cabinets. The frame is still in tact, but it looks like the cabinets were built in before the trim was placed. He even caulked where the cabinets and door frame meet. It looks great!

The bed and cabinets turned out fantastic. I'm really impressed with their skills.

Yesterday, although we didn't have a visual representation of the outcome, we got a lot accomplished in the girls' room! First thing in the morning, we took an hour to window shop at Home Depot. We looked at carpet samples (I want green semi-shag to represent "grass"), paint swatches (light & dark blue to fade a sky on walls & ceiling),  wooden trim with leaves etched in it, crown molding, new insulation (we ended up not needing to upgrade that) & new paneling (didn't need that either). We also looked at hardwood floor samples for the slide.

After we priced stuff, we headed to the RV to start work on their room. We ripped off all their trim, removed their walls, and placed aside the insulation. We wanted to upgrade it, but it was already the R-13 that we were going to install, and it was in good condition still, so it wasn't necessary. However, we realized we had tons of dead bugs in our walls, so they were getting in somehow. If bugs can get in, so can air. We found all the holes and spaces & filled them with spray foam sealant. That room is now a 4-season. Nothing is getting in, unless it is invited!


There was a lot of fiberglass in the air. We were all wearing masks, but even with that on, it was still too much for me to handle. Luckily, it was time for me to go pick up our eldest daughter from her 1 day a week homeschool school.

After everything was sealed, they put the insulation back in & the walls went back up. It was a job well done & well worth the effort. I spackled the holes & now I have the green light to paint! I can't wait!